Time Based Streams, Including, But Not Limited To, My Day Today As A Lawyer

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Kevin O’Keefe wrote the following which I stumbled upon on Twitter:

So what does this mean exactly? Do people really want to forgo some of their free time to read about someone else’s day? And, because of that, you are suppose to feel some unreal connection with me. That bond, the feeling of trust, is enough for you to follow my lead. I’m skeptical.

Here my time based stream for today a/k/a  how my day has been progressing.

I resolved one case this morning. My client, Durak Films,  is a Turkish Television  broadcaster.  They became aware by CBS television that they did not properly acquire the rights to these shows and that they should cease and desist. Durak Films had an agreement and provided payment to a third-party for syndication rights of CBS shows. It appears that this is a fraud. Durak films has instituted an action in Turkey against the third party. The third company had an SEC filing on record in the US, but it expired 7 years ago. None of the companies in the US are active. It is now clear that the third party committed fraud. Since there is no party to sue in New York, the only recourse my client has is through the Turkish courts.

I then had to bill for my time. Since the case was complete, I was able to give my client back a nice portion of their retainer back.

Thereafter, a bunch of billing and accounting needed to be taken care of. Successful day business wise. Would love to continue have money come in like it did today everyday… I hope that I am not getting too personal.

I started drafting a cease and desist for a client regarding a defamatory review on Citysearch. These types of cases have become more common as people continue to stay stupid stuff online which causes people financial trouble.

There you go. That has been part of my day.  Now it is time to share your time based stream.

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