Be Brave

by Fred Abramson on February 3, 2013 · 0 comments

As a business lawyer, I get more than my fair share of stories of  business troubles. Recently, a friend reached out to me because his business was struggling and asked me for help.

There are so many opportunities to feel uneasy in our life. When we strive for success in our business, there are so many opportunities to feel thwarted by our past, by people who want to bring us down, by our inability to get the nod from someone who could boost us to that next level. It’s easy to feel as if nothing’s going to change, and that we’ll never figure it all out. It is also simple to blame others for our predicament.

Look, I run a business too and understand its tough out there. I have had to work hard to obtain everyone of my clients. I built this law firm myself, through the sweat of my labor. My parents didn’t buy me a law practice. I don’t have one client who provides me with hundreds of cases. But I have hundreds of clients like you who trust me.

I have a message for you. There is no white knight out there who is going to come to your rescue. As a business lawyer, I can help you win your legal case against that big bad insurance company or finely craft your partnership agreement.  I can also help you draft a business plan and help steer you in the right direction. However, to succeed you need to have confidence, accept your predicament, give yourself permission to try new things and to execute.  I highly recommend that you purchase Chris Brogans new E-book It’s Not About the Tights  (not an affiliate link) for more.

So go ahead, take a couple of moments this weekend and put together a plan of action, not wishes. I would love for you to be brave, hit reply and share your plan with me.

Frederic R. Abramson is a business and civil litigation attorney located in New York City. 


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