An Ode to Pumpkin (a/k/a Pookies) Our Cat… RIP

by Fred Abramson on February 19, 2013 · 0 comments

Yesterday, we put Pumpkin (pookies/pookers/pookiduke), our tabby cat, to sleep.  She was not herself, looking kind of weak lately, and not even eating or drinking the past couple of days, so we brought her into the vet.  She was more critically ill than we had realized and at the age of near 15 we put her out of her misery.  Our daughter Isabella , aged seven,  is pretty upset.  Evan, a rugged five, was much less attached..

Thankfully, it has been a relaxing day at work. I drove my old BMW to Supreme Court Riverhead for a no stress court conference. But the thoughts  of the death are reoccurring.  Yes, it is a loss of an animal. Look, we eat animals everyday. But the death, for me, is a  marker. I am  a 44 years old attorney. I have an amazing family, which grew smaller yesterday.

Yet, life is moving forward while we are not even looking. Business has been fantastic as of late but there are many goals that I strive to attain.  When my father was in his early 40’s we lost our dog Grover. Similarly, I lost my family animal at around the same age. My father only lived  a couple of years later, a victim of a heart attack at age 47.  We are all facing the clock.

Remember, life is short.  What are you doing today to make your dent in the world?


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