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As of December 31, 2009, the following Justices have retired: Justices Harold Beeler (Part 21), Joan B. Carey (Part 29), Nicholas Figueroa (Part 46), Edward H. Lehner (Part 19), Marilyn Shafer (Part 8), and Walter B. Tolub (Part 15).

The following Judges have become Justices of the Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County beginning January 1, 2010: Justices Lucy A. Billings, Barbara Jaffe, Joan M. Kenney, Cynthia S. Kern, Manuel J. Mendez, Kibbie F. Payne, and George J. Silver.

Certain Justices who have been assigned to this court will receive new Part assignments as of January 1, 2010, as follows: Justice Eileen A. Rakower will leave City Part 5 and take over Part 15 (formerly Tolub, J.); Justice Saliann Scarpulla will leave City Part 52 and take over Part 19 (formerly Lehner, J.); Justice Martin Shulman, in addition to his current assignments, will take over Judge Tolub’s tax certiorari inventory (henceforth assigned to Justice Shulman’s Part 1); Justice Michael Stallman will take over the Transit Part, Part 21 (formerly Beeler, J.); Justice Paul Wooten will take over Part 7 (formerly Stallman, J.)

The newly arriving Justices will be assigned to the following Parts and, at least for the time being, the following courtrooms:

Justice                                 Part                                 Courtroom

Billings                                46                                     71 Thomas, Rm. 103

Jaffe                                      5                                       80 Centre, Rm. 307

(City Part)

(Formerly Rakower, J.)

Kenney                              8                                        71 Thomas, Rm. 304

(formerly Shafer, J.)

Kern                                   52                                       80 Centre, Rm. 546

(E-Filing City Part)

(formerly Scarpulla, J.)

Silver                               22                                        80 Centre, Rm. 122

(Motor Vehicle) (formerly Wooten, J.)

This information is provided by the New York Court System.

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