November 30 Meetup: Next Gen Startup Financing Marketplaces

by Fred Abramson on November 13, 2010 · 0 comments

In the past 3 years we’ve seen the rise of new online marketplaces for financing – hubs for funding start-ups, selling companies, giving grants, and allowing employees from non-public companies (ie. Facebook) cash in their options!

How do these marketplaces work? Do they do a good job of finding the “next hot thing?” How does one successfully pitch a new business idea in an marketplace? And what’s the continued role of the VC in this new financing ecosystem?

Come hear speakers from 4 visionary financing marketplaces in New York:

David Rose, Chairman of the Board of New York Angels
Jeremy Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, SecondMarket
Slava Rubin, Co-Founder, IndieGoGo
Rob Garcia, Dir. Product Strategy, Lending Club

This event is co-hosted by the Money Meetup and Yale Entrepreneurs and Investors.

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