More Litigants Are Fighting Their Own Court Battles, at their Own Risk

by Fred Abramson on July 26, 2010 · 1 comment

The Wall Street Journal reports that the recession has left more people with the daunting prospect of going to court without a lawyer.

Many people have found themselves in court facing potentially expensive  financial proceedings such as fighting foreclosure and litigating employment fights are deciding to go pro se rather than hire a lawyer.

According to the article, legal experts say many people are likely losing claims and paying penalties they could have avoided with a lawyer at their side. Litigants often don’t understand the sort of evidence they need to present in legal proceedings, said Florida state Judge Claudia Isom.

Raymond Brescia, a professor at Albany Law School, noted that “People will gather legal information from the Internet, from friends, or leaflets at a courthouse and think, ‘I can play checkers, I’m ready. But when they get to court they realize it’s a game of three-level chess, and they don’t have the first idea of what’s happening.”

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