Kings County Supreme Civil Court Judges Phone & Room Numbers

by Fred Abramson on February 26, 2010 · 3 comments

The New York Court system does not make it easy to find judges room and phone numbers.  Check out the New York State Uniform Court  System website and you will see what I mean.  The site itself is quite byzantine.

Knowing the judges room number is especially important when you are running to court for a court appearance and you are pressed for time. The court often fails to notify you of any room and phone changes. As a service to you, I have spent some time compiling a list of the latest phone and room numbers for all of the Judges in Kings County Supreme Court.
Below is a list of all of the Kings Supreme Court Judges court part addresses and phone numbers:

King Supreme: (347)296-1694
Kings Civil: (347)404-9123
ARONIN RM.340B (347)296-1566
ADAMS RM.366 (347)296-1636
AMBROSIO RM.761 (347)296-1816
BALTER RM.359 (347)296-1102
BARROS RM.575 (347)296-1604
BATTAGLIA, 320 JAY, RM. TBA (347)401-9294
BAYNE RM.775 (347)401-9250
BUNYAN RM.438 (347)296-1614
CAMP CONFS RM.340B (347)296-1566
CITY TRIAL: H-TORRES RM.924 (347)296-1771
CUTRONA RM.479B (347)296-1262
DABIRI RM.956 (347)296-1622
DEFAULT.MOTS RM.364 (347)401-1620
DEMAREST RM.756 (347)296-1104
DEUTSCH RM.357 (347)296-1642
DISCOVERY MOTION RM.274 (347)296-1626
EX-PARTE 10TH FL (347)296-1721
FINAL CONFS. RM.274 (347)296-1626
HARKAVY RM.357 (347)296-1642
HINDS-RADIX RM.774 (718)296-1652
HUBSHER RM.917 (347)401-9342
H-TORRES RM.924 (347)296-1771
JACKSON RM.725 (347)296-1638
JACOBSON RM.961 (347)296-1632
JCP/TRIALS RM.224 KURTZ (347)296-1771
JHOs/FIHs RMS.356/7 (347)296-1569/1642
KNIPEL RM.929 (347)296-1630
KRAMER RM.441 (347)296-1588
KURTZ RM.224 (347)296-1771
LEWIS RM.525 (347)296-1578
MARANO RM.356 (347)296-1569
MARTIN RM.741(347)296-1634
MED-MAL ROSENBERG RM.724 (347)296-1576
MILLER RM.363 (347)296-1586
NONJURY TRIAL SCHMIDT RM.541 (347)296-1913
P Cs TEMPORARILY ON 5TH FL (347)296-1592
PARTNOW RM.362 (347)296-1656
PESCE RM.974 (347)296-1572
PLATT RM.357 (347)296-1642
PRUS RM.365 (347)296-1646
RIVERA RM.556 (347)296-1618
ROSENBERG RM.724 (347)296-1576
ROTHENBERG RM.574 (347)296-1645
RUCHELSMAN RM.561 (347)296-1822
SAITTA RM.538 (347)296-1582
SCHACK 479 (347)296-1648
SCHMIDT RM.541 (347)296-1584
SCHNEIER RM.938 (347)296-1608
SHERMAN RM.456 (347)296-1598
SOLOMON RM.424 (347)401-9053
SPODEK RM.364 (347)401-1620
STEINHARDT RM.419 (347)296-1650
SUNSHINE RM.941 (347)296-1654
THOMAS RM.363 (347)401-9211
TRIALS/JCP RM.924 KURTZ (347)296-1596
VAUGHAN RM.738 (347)296-1594
VELASQUEZ RM.461 (347)296-1590
WESTON-PATTERSON RM 423 (347)401-9124
Please let me know if I am missing any numbers or if any of the information is incorrect.

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