Strategic Planning and your first consultation with a New York Business Law Attorney

by Fred Abramson on January 15, 2010 · 1 comment

Whether you are interested in starting a business or looking for help with your existing corporation, your first meeting with an attorney should include strategic business planning.  This includes discussing what are the:

  • Desirable course of action your company should take among the different alternatives;
  • Feasability of each alternative;
  • Consequences of each course of action.


When discussing which alternative is most desirable you need to look at:

  • The level of risk you are willing to accept;
  • ROI, or return on investment;
  • What control or management decisions you wish to have;
  • The tax implications of each course of action.

When starting a business, as a preliminary matter you need to discuss the corporate form of your company.   Thereafter, you should have your attorney investigate:

  • Whether there are any licenses or government approvals required to run your business;
  • Trademarks;
  • Copyrights;
  • Labor;
  • Securities;
  • Environmental concerns.

Violations of any of the above laws could be very costly for your company and a stategy needs to be developed with a lawyer to deal with them.

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