Best Law, Business and Legal Marketing reads for the week

by Fred Abramson on June 5, 2009 · 1 comment

Article of the Week:

10% of Twitter users account for 90% of tweets:

The latest Law Reads:

@Turkewitz Did Sotomayor Violate NY Ethics Rules in Private Solo Practice with “& Associates” Name?

@VBalasubramani blogged: “Tony La Russa’s Legal Claims Against Twitter Look Tenuous”

Social networks increasingly leading to questionable firings

Facebook Friend Earns Judge a Reprimand

Small Businesses Take Tentative Steps Toward Online Networking (via NYT)

6 tips for landing big customers

@jowyang In the age of Twitter, blog posts start to matter more and more, see this wraup of #TWTRCON

Google giving small businesses local search data

10 Ways Twitter Will Change Business:

The Twitter Marketing Debate:

Larry Bodine: Twitter Not Effective for Law Firm Marketing

@barrettdavid: Is Twitter “Effective” for Lawyer Marketing? The “Bodine Debate” –

@glambert “Legal Marketing, Statistics and Hard Work” –

@nikiblack “Legal Tweets: Kevin O’Keefe on social media for lawyers at the “Get a Life” conference” ( )

@lancegodard My take on esq & twitter hasn’t changed but ways they use it have: via @jdtwitt

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