Why you should never use legal documents found on the internet

by Fred Abramson on April 28, 2009 · 0 comments

1. If you copy a form from the Internet, you have no idea who drafted it. In all likelihood, the business owner acted as his or her own legal counsel and simply copied the terms of the contract from other forms from the Internet.

2. The legal document is out of date. Laws change constantly. Who knows when the contract was initially drafted?

3. The legal document is not relevant to your state. Every state has different laws governing contracts. Moreover, simply copying a contract from another state may require you to litigate in that state.

4. The contract is not relevant to your business. Remember, every business is different and the terms of each agreement needs to be tailored specifically for your business.

5. The legal document may be copyrighted. You may have to pay damages if you use a form without consent.

6. Poorly worded documents can create liability. For instance, certain governmental agencies, like the Federal Trade Commission, have brought actions against companies due to errors in legal documents. Are you protected legally from forms found on the Internet? Failure could cost you and your business.

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