What is Trending on Twitter for Lawyers (and anyone else)

by Fred Abramson on April 22, 2009 · 2 comments

The Cutting Edge of Law

  • Are Chinese drywall cases the latest product liability gold mine for lawyers? @danharris in his post Chinese Drywall Cases- Show me the Money! argues that it will be difficult to collect any money against any of the defendants because the responsible parties are located in Germany and China.
  • As part of the Stimulus package, funds have been allocated to expand and improve the nation’s broadband infrastructure.  Some law firms have set up practice groups advising companies how to prepare a successful grant application.  Will broadband deliver for law firms?
  • One legal area that is seeing growth is Trust and Estate’s law. Read this post to find out why.

Twittter Tips

  • Building a personal brand is absolutely vital for attorneys because it is so hard to tell the difference between one law firm and another.  Read this tip: Personal Brand, How to Build Yours on Twitter. One great idea from the post is to go out and meet the people that you tweet with.  I certainly need to do this more.
  • Twitter has grabbed the world’s attention, but it can do as much harm as good.  Discover magazine lists its Twitter’s Greatest Hits and Misses.  One miss, the Courtney Love slander lawsuit.

Attorney Marketing:

  • Professor Richard Susskind is the Seth Godin of lawyer marketing.  His recent keynote speech at the recent ABA Tech Show was probably the most tweeted legal event in Twitter history.  Follow this link to hear for yourself what all the buzz was about.

  • Lawyers who fail to promptly return phone calls can be the source of great frustration to the person who left the message — and the professional responsible for attorney marketing. But what can be done to stop this problem? Trey Ryder takles this problem in his article How to Prevent Problems with Returned Phone Calls.
  • Lawyerpreneurs – looking to post on JD Supra? Here is an article on what to post.

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