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March 28th, 2009

fred_02Frederic Abramson

New York Civil Litigaton Attorney

Author of Frederic R Abramson’s New York Law Blog

Today, we’re tweeting with business lawyer @FredAbramson, a trial attorney based in New York City and author of a business law blog

  1. @FredAbramson, thank you for joining us today on Twitter. Tell us: who is the person behind @fredabramson?
    I am a dad, a foodie, a huge reader, music fan that is passionate about business.
  2. Tell us about your law practice.
    I am a New York business law attorney. My practice entails litigating cases and drafting legal documents.
  3. What type of clients do you represent?
    I represent entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants and individuals. Many of my clients are in tech.
  4. What’s the most important legal issue affecting those clients?
    Every business has its own issues. Some don’t have proper contracts. Others have problems getting paid. Its varied.
  5. What do you tell every new client before you start working for them?
    I will give them a detailed plan of how their case will proceed. All correspondences will be answered w/in 2 hours.
  6. How is the economic crisis affecting your clients?
    Entrepreneurs and small biz owners are having a difficult time raising funds. Credit has dried up for many.
  7. What’s the most significant client representation you’ve had?
    Representing a hedge fund that invested in a complicated startup venture.
  8. Why was it significant?
    There were many parties involved, the product was unique, complex ip issues, and significant sums of $ were on the line.
  9. Significant sums have a way of raising the stakes…. Why do your clients hire you?
    Reputation. I am experienced, tech savvy, innovative, accessible and diplomatic. I could also be a bulldog if need be.
  10. That’s a pretty good calling card. How do you sell your practice?
    Referrals, social and in person networking, e-newsletter, community involvement, Google adwords and friends
  11. How much time do you spend each day developing / enhancing your brand?
    newsletter: 2hrs/wk, networking events 1 eventwk, blog: 2hrs/wk and tweet all the time for fun.
  12. You publish the “New York Business Law Blog” How would you describe it? Why do you write it?
    I write about legal issues facing businesses, highlight what is newsworthy for biz owners and provide Twitter tips for esq.
  13. What benefits have you realized in blogging?
    as per @kevinokeefe blogs work together with Twitter. Tweet a link to your blog + write a detailed post. Long form tweet
  14. What value have you seen as a result of being on Twitter then?
    I have been able to connect with some fascinating people, share information, help others and have learned quite a bit
  15. Beyond Twitter and your blog, what other social networking tools do you regularly use?
    I use facebook and linkedin. FB has been more usefull bc 95% of my connections are friends, family and reconnections
    only 5 of my facebook friends are on Twitter and none use it extensively. Totally different audience.
  16. That’s interesting re FB. What do you see as the most significant issue currently facing the legal profession?
    Law firms, both big and small are downsizing due to the economy. Lawyers need to be creative to thrive and survive.
  17. What will the legal landscape look like in 10 years?
    Law firms may shed the overhead of the office due to tech advances. Lawyers using social media to create virtual law firms
  18. What would you do if you weren’t a lawyer?
    I would be an entrepreneur/chef/musician/artist.
  19. A fairly unique job title, I’d have to say…. How do you want to be remembered?
    as someone who helped others, made people laugh, made them smarter and made a difference.
  20. I have an inkling of what your answer will be, but I’ll ask anyway. What do you do when you’re not working?
    I tweet! Family time with wife and 2kids, cook, read, explore NYC, run, watch sports, spend time with friends
  21. Sounds like you maintain a full schedule. What languages do you speak?
    I speak English and Twitter. 6 yrs of spanish classes didn’t help. I can read the 4 questions in Hebrew and culinary terms.
  22. Our last question for you: what advice do you have for people going to law school today?
    Lawyers don’t just practice law. Your value increases if u can bring in cases. Rainmaking is not taught in law school.

Sound advice. Thank you so much for tweeting with 22 Tweets and answering our questions today

thank you for tweeting with me! Great idea Lance.

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