23 Legal Issues for Start-ups and Businesses

by Fred Abramson on April 14, 2009 · 1 comment

Do you have that entrepreneurial drive? It takes more than a great idea to start a new business and keep it running. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs and business owners are often confused about the legal aspects involved in running a business. Below is a list of 23 legal issue’s for both start-ups and businesses that should be discussed with an attorney.

1. Select Entity type: Sole proprietorship, Partnership, S or LLC?

2. Incorporation of your business;

3. Create Articles of Incorporation;

4. Create Bylaw’s;

5. Create a Shareholder’s or Membership Agreement;

6. Create an Employment Agreement;

7. Check for Trademark issues, protect intellectual capital;

8. Create a Buy-Sell Agreement;

9. Draft an Independent Contractor Agreement;

10. Non-disclosure Agreement;

11. A Sample Convertible Note;

12. Board of Advisor Agreement;

13. Purchase/Service Agreements;

14. Term and Conditions;

15. Draft an Employee Handbook;

16. Draft a Non-Compete Agreement;

17. Check for any legal limitations or restrictions;

18. Create a Stock Option Plan and Equity Based Compensation;

19. Looking for Venture Capital, you may need a Term Sheet.

20. Create a Client Contract or Fee Agreement.

21. Technology Assignment Agreement;

22. Invention Assignment Agreement;

23. Review any Leases

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